Wearable Technology Roundup. Smart watch review

If you’re into wearable tech, the most accessible and easily available product you can buy, aside from a fitness tracker, is a smartwatch. We’ve already seen early examples released by Pebble, Samsung, and Sony. The trend isn’t in danger of slowing yet either, with rumored watches from Apple and Google regularly capturing headlines. However, it’s not just these two tech powerhouses expected to make a play for your wrist over the coming year. There’s a cold war in tech. Everyone wants in on the return of the watch.

We’ve gathered together all the gossip, rumors, and speculation, plus news of pre-orders and crowd-sourcing campaigns regarding smartwatches from other firms. Get ready. There are plenty of them who want you wearing their product very soon. And on page two, we’ve got a complete list of already released watches.

Updated on 2-14-2014 by Andy Boxall: We’ve rewritten most of this roundup and added a number of new rumors. Page two now contains smartwatches that are already on sale.

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