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The iBrute code on GitHub is "a garden-variety brute-force attack," said Andrew Jaquith, CTO of SilverSky.

The "" host that the iBrute code authenticated against is found in 76 other GitHub locations, which means the authentication vector "was clearly well-known to the broader programming community," he explained.

Apple "already has protections against brute force for most of their websites," Bob Doyle, security consultant at Neohapsis, told TechNewsWorld. "Reports now indicate they’ve restricted the number of incorrect guesses you can send to the "Find My iPhone" API, which should make it resistant to automated brute-forcing attacks like these."

Let’s Hear It for Fear and Loathing!

"When Scarlett Johansson’s account got hacked, that should have been a massive red flag for any celebrity who had any kind of compromising photographs in their accounts," KnowBe4’s Sjouwerman said. "If they had nude photos of themselves on the Internet, they should have deleted them."

Johansson’s account was hacked in 2011 and the hacker, Christopher Chaney, was jailed.

"This entire situation underscores the reality that today’s interconnected universe of networks is extremely complex and the potential access methods for criminals are many and varied," Steve Hultquist, chief evangelist at RedSeal Networks, told TechNewsWorld.

Protect Yourself at All Times

"Celebrities have, and always will be, easy targets simply due to the amount of information about their lives which can be gleaned from any gossip site," Evan Keiser, a security analyst at SilverSky, told TechNewsWorld.

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