Unofficial registry hack resurrects patches for Windows XP

It appears that the unsupported Windows XP operating system can continue receiving updates from Microsoft with just a few simple changes. This involves altering Windows XP’s Registry to trick Windows Update that it is a copy of Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (WEPOS), a stripped down version of Windows designed to serve as a point of sales terminal.

And POSReady 2009 appears to be really Windows XP SP3 at its heart, given how updates appear to work, according to reports from various security experts and users. This is notable since unlike Windows XP, which was officially retired on April 8, WEPOS 2009 is due to receive patches until April 9, 2019.

“The system is stable, no crashes, no blue screens,” Jerome Segura, a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes told Computerworld. “I saw no warnings or error messages when I applied patches for .Net and Internet Explorer 8.” Segura further explained that the core of WEPOS 2009 is “pretty much” the same as Windows XP.

via Unofficial registry hack resurrects patches for Windows XP – FierceCIO:TechWatch.

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