List of Features – sipXecs – Avaya SBC

All the sipXecs application services are allocated to specific server roles. Using the centralized cluster management system each role can be instantiated on a dedicated server or several (all) roles can be run on a single server. Configuration of all services and participating servers is fully automatic and Web UI based.

SIP Session Router, optionally geo-redundant and load sharing

Media server for unified messaging and IVR (auto-attendant) services

Conferencing server based on FreeSWITCH

XMPP Instant Messaging (IM) and presence server (based on Openfire)

Contact center (ACD) server

Call park / Music on Hold (MoH) server

Presence server (Broadsoft and IETF compliant resource list server for BLF)

New: Shared Appearance Agent server to support shared lines (BLA)

Group paging server

SIP trunking server (media anchoring and B2BUA for SIP trunking & remote worker support)

Call Detail Record (CDR) collection & processing server

Third party call control (3PCC) server using REST interfaces

Management and configuration server

Process management server for centralized cluster management

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