APRS – xastir amateur radio iGate system howto

I read an article today about How to setup an iGate using ubuntu linux, xastir and some common peripheals.

In a basic summary it says:
“The minimum setup for an iGate requires:

iGate capable APRS software (there are many options, but since I already had xastir up and running …)
PC to run the software (ham shack PC is Acer Revo running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS)
internet connection to an APRS-IS server (choose APRS Tier 2 server near you, most of them require a passcode based on your call sign)
radio capable of receiving APRS packets (my trusty IC-R5, any 2m FM receiver will do)
TNC (terminal node controller) to decode APRS packets (soundmodem acts as a minimum/nil hardware TNC)
interface between radio and PC sound card (audio cable with 3.5mm stereo plug on each end)”

Which I found to be very interesting. There are four parts to the howto located on that link.
I recommend this as great reading material.


Here is a similar article on it shared on google documents:

Enjoy !

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